Mmmmm, Oh Yeahhh: Massage Therapy at WSU

massage therapy room

This is one of the massage therapy rooms located in the Fitness Center.

Hey now, get your heads out of the gutter folks, because I’m here to talk to you about actual massage therapy.  I have been asking around, and there are many students who are unaware of the great opportunity WSU offers for massage therapy. So buckle up, because here is the great news: you can get a 30 minute massage right in our very own Integrated Wellness Center for only $10!!! I’ll let that sink in for a little bit……………..good?

Alright then, so if the $10 price isn’t enough to convince you that this is the greatest idea you will ever make in your entire life, then let’s move on to some FACTS! (*crickets*)

If the stresses of school, finances and every day life are getting a little too much, the massage therapy offered here is something that can be immensely beneficial to your well being by acting as a natural way to treat anxiety. In addition, according very legitimate sources (the Mayo Clinic if you really don’t believe me), massage therapy can help treat physical ailments such as headaches, insomnia, strains or athletic injuries and joint pain. Even if you are just looking for a relaxing way to pass the time between classes, a massage can be a powerful tool to help boost your health and well-being.

“All of this is well and good Caleb, but how do we actually get a massage here?” Great question guys, and it’s actually quite simple.  All you need to do is go to the book store, give the nice lady at the counter $10, then go to the front desk of the Fitness Center to set up the time that you would like to have your massage.  IT’S THAT EASY!!

Appointment hours are:

  • Tuesday 5pm-7pm
  • Wednesday 4pm-6pm
  • Thursday Noon-2pm

Does it sound too good to be true?  It’s not folks– it’s all too real.  This offer is almost too good not to take advantage of, so get out and go reeeellaaaaaaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

–Caleb Bednarski

  1. Oct.7.2013@1:49 pm - Guillermina Geno says:

    That was really a good news! This is the very cheap price of massage that I have ever knew today. Because I expect the massage therapy is more than the price of this. Very interesting and I know many students and people are now in a hurry to grab this chance. Excellent post!

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