The Flu Sucks So Get Your Flu Shot at WSU

a "flu season ahead" warning sign

Admittedly, “the flu sucks” is not the most elegantly worded statement to come out of my mind, but it speaks the truth.  The flu REALLY does suck! With body aches, the chills, a sore throat, runny nose, fatigue, nausea, and a fever of 105º you won’t be feelin’ alive. The flu can be treated simply without medication by drinking plenty of fluids and getting rest, however, it will still turn you into a mindless, infectious zombie for a couple days in the time being (and people will want to avoid you like one too).  So what is the best way to stop from turning into a flu zombie?  A FLU SHOT!

Ben Franklin said “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” and in the case of the flu, this the best phrase to keep in mind.  The best way to avoid the pain of flu recovery is to prevent the infection in the first place by getting a flu shot.  Luckily for us students, Winona State offers flu shots, by appointment, through the Health and Wellness Services Office in the IWC (so we don’t need to go to any back alleys or doctors offices). In addition, WSU Nursing Department will hold a walk-in flu shot clinic on October 29th in Kryzsko Commons. The shot will cost $20 at most (depending on your individual insurance coverage) and is a quick and painless procedure (emotional traumas of getting shots not included for those deathly afraid of needles). $20 is a great value, taking into account of how horrible having the flu is, especially for those who are prone to catching illnesses easily.

So go out and get your flu shot soon. When everyone else is a mindless, infectious zombie, you can be safe and warm in your infection free bubble.

–Caleb Bednarski



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