Intramurals: Team Sports for Everyone

guys stand around in the gym before a basketball game

The Red Shirt Seniors warm-up a little before their intramurals basketball playoff game.

Since I was a little kid I loved to be active and play sports. I got involved at an early age with organized sports including football, basketball and baseball. Once it was time to move off to college, I was a bit worried about not being able to keep athletics as a part of my life. I was not nearly good enough to play sports at a college level, but lucky for me, intramural sports came as a great option!

Through my college years at WSU, I have been involved with intramural basketball, and it just so happens, it is intramural basketball playoffs this very week! What is so great about intramural basketball is that it is divided into two leagues: A and B. A-league is for those athletes that consider themselves able to keep up with very competitive and seasoned players. B-league is for those who enjoy to play ball in a social setting, with more an emphasis on fun, rather than the outcome of the game. I myself am a B-league player, and proud of it.

My team consists of 8 guys that all met in our freshman dorm, Lourdes Hall. We have a pretty tight bond, and playing on a team together in B-league for the past 5 years gives us the chance to hang out on campus and be a part of the WSU student community. Our team name (tongue and cheek to say the least) is “The Red Shirt Seniors” and pokes fun at our 5th year senior status. We have a pretty good chance at making a run in the playoffs this week, we just got to make some big shots down the stretch.

If basketball is not your cup of joe, WSU offers many different options to fill up that competitive edge. Football, softball and volleyball are probably the most popular, but soccer is becoming more of an attraction each year. Intramural sports at WSU have benefited me with a fun way to stay in shape, and also a great activity to do with friends each year.​

–Dominik Biebighauser

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